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XL War Bow (Trent Nielsen)

  • $160.00

Made in USA! Every item in this set, is made in the USA, from the materials down to the tools and hands that crafted them. Some of our clients find a great sense of pride in purchasing our bows and other finely crafted products, as they know that they are supporting our American family business.

Trent Nielsen can be seen on Discovery Channel's TV show Naked and Afraid XL. While in South Africa he used this bow that we made for him as his only tool for survival. There, he used the bow to help protect himself and others. He also procured meat, fowl, and fish for his Tribe. Trent used his bow to help him achieve his goal of surviving 40 days in South Africa, Naked and Afraid.

The hand grip is a combination of leather, sisal twine cordage, and paracord. Beneath the handgrip is a hearty amount of ducktape wrapped around several times, ensuring that there is plenty to be used if the need ever arises. The entire handgrip and unique leather bound arrow rest is designed for superior comfort and aesthetic appeal while providing consistent shot placement and a plethora of cordage for any extreme survival situation. The bow itself is molded and shaped by hand with expert care from a synthetic compound material that is far more durable than wood. The bow's string is a black 550 paracord. 

The entire length of the bow is carefully hand painted with a unique wood grain pattern that mimics the grain and texture of wood, while providing the durability and extra long life of a modern made bow.

The leather arrow rest  is designed in such a way that will accommodate all left and right handed archers, as the arrow can be shot from the left and right side of the bow, making it ambidextrous.

The tips are bound with additional leather and cordage to protect the bow and bowstring, while also providing even more materials for improvised use.

Yes! I make custom orders for bows and bow sets! So please message me and let me know what type of bow you are interested in making, and I'll be more than happy to help you with that. I really enjoy designing new bows, and since it adds to our inventory, I don't mind creating custom bows for just a few dollars above our already affordable prices.

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