Wood Elf Recurve Bow

  • $75.00

Made in USA! Every item in this set, is made in the USA, from the materials down to the tools and hands that crafted them. Some of our clients find a great sense of pride in purchasing our bows and other finely crafted products, as they know that they are supporting our American family business.

As you enjoy the breeze among the tops of the forest trees, you sense a shadow in your mind's eye... an enemy of the light has entered your domain. With lightening reflexes, you spring to the nearest branch and leap into the air, grabbing your Elvish Bow from the vines you were resting on. Before your feet hit the ground, you have drawn two obsidian arrows and loosed them, screaming into the mist near the waterfall where your people are making merry with the harp and lyre. Now that they are alerted by you towards the approaching danger, together, the Elves are all taking the fight to the enemy with bows drawn and eyes set keenly on the horizon.... waiting and watching... ever vigilant.

The bow grip is bound with genuine USA black leather for comfort and to ensure a solid grip. The draw weight can be selected by you in the drop down list. The bow itself is molded and shaped by hand with expert care from a synthetic compound material that is far more durable than wood, and is equipped with a black 550 paracord bow string.

The hand painted finish on the bow, mimics the grain and character you would expect in a handmade wooden bow. A lovely hand painted green and gold floral design is decorating both limbs of your bow, demonstrating the care and love all Elves have for nature and the weapons that they use to protect the noble creatures that inhabit their world.

This comes with an arrow rest for a right handed archer. That means that the archer naturally holds the bow in the left hand, draws the arrow with the right hand, and rests the arrow on the left side of the bow.
If you want the arrow rest to be on the right side of the grip, write "left handed" in the notes during the checkout process.
If you want there to be no arrow rest, write "no arrow rest" in the notes during the checkout process.
If you do not leave me a note, the arrow rest will be on the left side of the bow.

Yes! I make custom orders for bows and bow sets! So please message me and let me know what type of bow you are interested in making, and I'll be more than happy to help you with that. I really enjoy designing new bows, and since it adds to our inventory, I don't mind creating custom bows for just a few dollars above our already affordable prices.

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