Red Dragon Bow, Quiver, and 12 Hunting Arrow Set

  • $185.00

Made in USA! Every item in this set, is made in the USA, from the materials down to the tools and hands that crafted them. Some of our clients find a great sense of pride in purchasing our bows and other finely crafted products, as they know that they are supporting our American family business.

This intimidating Dragon Scale bow set functions perfectly with power and accuracy. This is a very dangerous weapon that is intended for hunting and serious archery use.

The bow's string is a black 550 paracord. You can select the draw weight that suits your needs from the drop down list. The bow itself is molded and shaped by hand with expert care from a synthetic compound material that is far more durable than wood.

This bow comes with an arrow rest. You can decide which side you want the arrow rest on.

The 12 wooden hunting arrows are hafted with a solid steel broadhead with a sharp point for a strong penetrating tip. The wide spear head steel design gives it the additional weight to increase its penetration. While the fletchings are created from high strength vinyl. The fletchings are also deliberately bound with a slight helical right-hand twist to create a spiraling of the arrow while it is in flight. This spiraling effect helps the arrow to self-correct during flight and greatly improves the archer's accuracy.

Each arrow is 30" in length, from tip to nock. If you want your arrows cut at a different length, be sure to message that to me in the notes during your checkout process.

This black leather quiver comes equipped with a 3 point nylon webbing harness for secure strapping to the back, and silver D-ring locking for adjusting the straps.

Yes! I make custom orders for bows and bow sets! So please message me and let me know what type of bow you are interested in making, and I'll be more than happy to help you with that. I really enjoy designing new bows, and since it adds to our inventory, I don't mind creating custom bows for just a few dollars above our already affordable prices.

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