Green Arrow Season 1 Bow, Quiver, 4 Arrow set

  • $216.00

Made in USA! Every item in this set, is made in the USA, from the materials down to the tools and hands that crafted them. Some of our clients find a great sense of pride in purchasing our bows and other finely crafted products, as they know that they are supporting our American family business.

The bow's riser has a nice natural finish and a solid wood construction, fully decorated with authentic Arrow TV Show runes that are burned into the wood. There is also a genuine brown leather strip that wraps around the grip for comfort and an authentic look. Also included are the gold colored accessories that appear to be a hand guard and an arrow rest. These are constructed from synthetic and durable materials, and are meant to give the bow an authentic as possible look to the TV Show. The bowstring is made from black 550 Paracord. The bow's arms are molded and shaped by hand with expert care from an extremely durable synthetic compound material, that is bolted on to the wooden riser with sturdy hardware.

The limbs of the bow are carefully hand painted black with a golden finish at the tips.

The draw weight can be selected by you in the drop down list. If you select "none" as your draw weight option, you'll receive the safer version of this bow with a bungee string suited for cosplay events.

In the drop down list , you can select right handed or left handed, for the dexterity of the bow. A right handed bow will have the arrow shelf on the left side of the riser, as the archer is holding the bow in the left hand. A left handed bow will have the arrow shelf of the right side of the riser, as the archer is holding the bow in the right hand.

While these arrows are designed for show, they are real wooden arrows. Regardless of how blunted they are, or how much foam covers the tip, these arrows can still be very dangerous when shot. If you want to shoot the arrows, you must first remove the foam tips for accuracy.

The 4 30" black wooden cosplay arrows are blunt and covered with a green soft foam like material made to look like real broad heads from the popular TV show Arrow.

The fletchings are created from high strength green and yellow vinyl. The fletchings are also deliberately bound with a slight helical right-hand twist.

Made from a thin firm yet flexible, injected foam material, this 24" long quiver is stiff and is meant for use, but is really designed for show as a replica piece. While the all black is eye catching and handsome with the olive green bands at the top and bottom, it is intended for real use at the archery lanes, in the field, or at your convention events. This is perfect for carrying all day, as it is super light.

This also comes equipped with a comfortable 3 point nylon strapping system with silver D-rings for customized comfort for the archer. Using the D-rings, the quiver can be adjusted accordingly for a perfect and customized fit.

Yes! I make custom orders for bows and bow sets! So please message me and let me know what type of bow you are interested in making, and I'll be more than happy to help you with that. I really enjoy designing new bows, and since it adds to our inventory, I don't mind creating custom bows for just a few dollars above our already affordable prices.

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