Draugr Hunter Bow, Quiver, Arrow set.

  • $399.00

Made in USA! Every item in this set, is made in the USA, from the materials down to the tools and hands that crafted them. Some of our clients find a great sense of pride in purchasing our bows and other finely crafted products, as they know that they are supporting our American family business.

In our ancient past, there was a foe more powerful and terrifying than our darkest nightmares... the Draugr. A giant undead warrior, the Draugr was essentially a Viking Zombie. There were only a few recorded methods on how to defeat them, but in every method, a brave Hero was necessary to meet the fowl beast in combat and subdue it, driving the Draugr back to the grave from whence it came.

Sporting a draw weight of 30#, this bow is great for young adults, men, women, and beginners.

The bow's string is a black 550 paracord. The hand grip is a black leather wrap, designed for superior comfort and aesthetic appeal. The hand grips the bow, and between the fingers 4 steel spikes emerge to protect the hand and allow the bow to be used in close quarters combat with fast punches and strikes to the enemy. Along the length of the limbs are a series of dragon scaled steel spikes, best used as a deterrent against enemies who might try to grab the bow from you. They will quickly regret that. The color theme of the set is blue with black blood splatter, sending a clear message to every black/blue blooded Draugr that you are the champion that they should fear. The bow itself is molded and shaped by hand with expert care from synthetic compound material and wood.

There is a silver wolf and dragon embellishment on either side of the wooden riser.

The orientation of the bow can be selected by you in the drop down list with the arrow shelf on the left or right side. Your choice.

Painted with the same theme as the bow, also has the decorative dragon and wolf embellishments, along with dragon scales and wolf claws. This extra large quiver can hold 40-50 arrows and has wide leather book bag straps for a secured and comfortable fit. The D-ring adjustable buckles allows the wearer to customize and adjust the quiver to fit them with ease.

These 10 wooden arrows are fitted with steel broadheads for hunting Draugrs.

Yes! I make custom orders for bows and bow sets! So please message me and let me know what type of bow you are interested in making, and I'll be more than happy to help you with that. I really enjoy designing new bows, and since it adds to our inventory, I don't mind creating custom bows for just a few dollars above our already affordable prices.

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