About Us

Long before the age of modern technology, during the time of dragons, dwarfs, dungeons, and daggers, the world of early man was won and lost by the fates of war and ingenuity. The craftiness and creativity of this less modernized people was more often than not, the determining factor to the survival of an entire race.
We now live in a time where all things are made easily and cheaply by the machines of the modern error and the foreign hands of those who care not for the quality of our merchandise... nay.... our existence. The cold and robotic nature of our mundane lives becomes more and more oppressing, as we begin to substitute experience and knowledge with personal entertainment and the thrills of quickly obtained goods.... and the fetters of our bondage become weighed with ignorance and a less fulfilled life.
While the majority of our Earth's possessions are carelessly fashioned in this way, there is but one family who dares to preserve the old ways of crafting quality handmade items with the tools and materials that are now available. There is one family who stay's true to the principals that make a nation great in economy and in independence. One family who stares into the face of big corporations, who peddle worthless junk to unsuspecting families in hopes of relieving them of their hard earned wages. This family is unwavering in its mission to create quality products, sell them at an affordable price that fits everyone's budget, and ensure that each material crafted into every product is made in the home land of Earth's Greatest Free Society - The United States of America!

The Shearin Family currently provides a number of different archery bows and arrows, and the leather accessories that find their uses within the timeless arena of Archery. But stay on the lookout, because CastleWallCreations is expanding and will begin to host a number of different items that you might find at a Medieval Market place.

- A message from the Shearin Family -
We sure do hope you will get to know us better. We really are as friendly and as helpful as our feedback suggests. Send us a message. We believe we are THE FASTEST shop at responding to messages, as this is our full time career. You will never have to wait around and wonder when or if we will respond to your messages. We'd love to speak with you about your needs and do all that we can to help you and hopefully earn your business. :-D
~ David and Catherine Shearin